The Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club is the oldest, largest women's motorcycle club in NYC. Founded in 1986 our current membership is over 40 women.

Our founding members placed an ad in the Village Voice and held the first meeting in a living room over 25 years ago. We chose the name Sirens from a list of possibilities that included Skid Lids and Sister Spokes! Artist in residence Lori created the artwork that became our club colors.

Four or five original members rode in NYC's Gay Pride Parade for the first time in June of 1986. The following year 25-30 Sirens organized and negotiated with HOP to lead the Pride Parade in 1987 and we've been leading it ever since. The Sirens have been joined in the Pride Parade over the years by independent riders and clubs from near and far.

Since the Sirens were founded in 1986, we have sadly suffered the loss of some dear members of the club. We dedicate the following pages in their honor.

Stacy Erra - May 12, 1959 - February 22, 1989

Sharon Bien - June 13, 1964 - May 19, 2003

Leslie - June 2005

Woody Woodward - 1944 - June 13, 2009
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